Tracking Francis Chou's Chou Associates Portfolio - Q2 2013 Update

Below is a spreadsheet that highlights the changes to Francis Chou's Chou Associates US long stock portfolio as of Q2 2013. For a look at how his portfolio has progressed, see our previous update:

 The only significant buy this quarter was a ~36% stake increase in Resolute Forest Products (RFP) - Francis Chou has been bullish on this name since 2010 when the company was named Abitibibowater. his average cost-basis is much higher. Chou also sold more than half of his stake in Overstock (OSTK) and about 45% of Actavis (ACT). ACT is a very long-term holding (prior to 2007 when it was Watson Pharmaceuticals) and Chou is harvesting large capital gains from this position.

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lonelyspeculator said...

I appreciate this portfolio update. Normally, I go to gurufocus, but Mr. Chou s portfolio is not available there (for free). From now on I go to here. Thanks.

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