How to ace kindergarten screening (assessment test) at private schools?

This is a sample of questions used by a private establishment in our neighborhood as part of their KG selection process. Our older kid was subjected to these questions at the age of 4 years and 3 months, and didn’t make the cut. Hopefully other parents going through this process can find this useful as a Kindergarten readiness checklist.

  • Visual Skills
  • Identify different shapes using the right term. This goes beyond the basic shapes e.g hexagon.
  • Identify different colors including shade variations like light green, dark green etc.
  • Follow along as a pattern is made with blocks. Make the same pattern with another set of blocks.
  • From a mixed group of objects separate and combine like items.
  • Math Concepts
  • Count from zero to twenty and back from twenty to zero.
  • Count out objects from one to twenty in a random order.
  • Match a group of different objects to the numbers on the other side.
  • Estimate the length of a ruler by using a smaller object. The smaller object could be a pencil or own hand.
  • Identify the ordinal position of objects in random order.
  • Identify whether an object is placed above, below, right or left to a reference.
  • Human Body and Sensory Skills
  • Identify parts of a human body in little more detail like wrist as opposed to hand.
  • Identify the various functions performed by different organs.
  • Complete a puzzle involving a human body.
  • Describe how an item felt to touch from a group of objects. A rock would be described as hard.
  • Social Studies
  • Identify the sport from a picture e.g beach volleyball
  • Identify food objects including ability to identify a small carton to be milk instead of juice.
  • Identify different animals.
  • Language/Reading Screening
  • Alphabets/ Numbers Recognition
  • Opposites for words like loud, hot and happy.
  • Write both first name and last name.
  • Read a small word like 'tap' by phonically sounding each letter.
  • Distinguish between similar sounding words like sing - sink, farm - firm, wish - which.
  • Listening and Analytical Readiness
  • Repeat a sequence of numbers like 4-6-10-5-3.
  • Carry out a set of instructions e.g Get up - Touch the door - Sit Down
  • Follow along as the names of some kids reading books in a picture are identified. Then identify who was who.
  • Follow along as the names of four children and their activity are identified in random order. Get the combination right and relate each kid to his or her activity.
  • Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills.
Books for Kindergarten Readiness:

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Last Updated: 01/2015.


    Carol said...

    Don't be so concerned ... our oldest could not have passed this test, which seems designed to see how "coached up" the kid is. His Palo Alto public school teacher was happy to have him, and despite some early struggles, he went on to get undergrad degrees in Chem and Biochem from the University of Chicago, and a graduate degree from U of Chicago in computer science. He does AI research for DARPA. We thought critical thinking and problem solving skills were much more important than classroom stuff at that age. Any age really.

    Your blogs show that you are probably doing fine by them in those areas.

    Good luck.

    C in FL

    ks said...

    Thank you for your thoughtful remark. You correctly guessed our concerns with our elder child. She is now in 3rd grade and every year has been better than the previous year with respect to her development...


    james said...

    nice blog

    S. said...

    I can't believe how much assessment testing has caught on! A Professional Employer Organization will gives tests for jobs, there are all kinds of assessment tests in grade school and high school. In college they assess your math, reading, etc skills when you first start. I am pretty shocked that they do this for Kindergarten now! In a way it does make some sense because it is the child's first classroom experience and teachers need to know where their level is at, but for it to be designed to reject a child from learning is wrong. What ever happened to Pre-K?

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