Tracking Glenn Greenberg's Brave Warrior Advisors Portfolio - Q1 2013 Update

Below is a spreadsheet that highlights the changes to in Glenn Greenberg's Brave Warrior Advisors US long stock portfolio as of Q1 2013. To see how his portfolio has progressed, check our previous update:

Several minor adjustments were made to the portfolio and the portfolio value increased by around 12% this quarter. The significant activity is summarized below:

a) The 4.80% stake in Adobe Systems (ADBE) and the 7.52% stake in Motorola Solutions (MSI) were both eliminated, 
b) Express Scripts (ESRX), a new stake established last quarter was more than double, and
c) The large 11.83% position in Google (GOOG) was substantially reduced to a still significantly large 5.33% stake.


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