Tracking Carl Icahn's Holdings - Q4 2012 Update

Below is a spreadsheet that shows Carl Icahn's US long portfolio holdings as of Q4 2012. To know more on how his holdings have progress, check-out our previous update:

 Icahn's portfolio value increased by around 15% this quarter from $11.94B to $12.87B. There were several marginal increases and two stake eliminations: Commercial Metals (CMC), a ~1% position and Oshkosh Corporation (OSK), a ~2% position. The two large stakes in natural gas related businesses remains as strong holdings this quarter: CVR Energy Inc. (CVI) was kept steady and Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK) was increased by around 20%. Other significant activity in the quarter include a large stake increase in Netflix (NFLX) to a 4% position and a new 2% stake in Transocean (RIG).

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