Tracking David Swensen's Yale Endowment Holdings - Q3 2012 Update

Below is a spreadsheet that shows the changes to Yale Endowment's US long portfolio holdings as of Q3 2012. To have an idea of how the endowment's holdings have progressed click on our previous update:

After reducing Yale Endowment's US long portfolio to an insignificant amount of just under $30M last quarter compared to the Endowment total value of well over $20B, this quarter saw some very minor adjustments. The US long portfolio is a little bit higher, as new but still rather insignificant positions were established in Carter's Inc. (CRI), China Kanghui Holdings (KH), Insulet Corporation (PODD), Marsh & McLennan (MMC), and Qihoo 360 (QIHU). KH was acquired by Medtronic (MDT) on 9/28/2012 for $31.75 cash - it might have been an arbitrage position to capture the price difference between the market price after the deal announcement and the price it traded at. The only other trade of any significance was the ~70% reduction in the iShares MSCI EAFE ETF (EFA) position.

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