Tracking Carl Icahn's Holdings - Q2 2012 Update

Below is a spreadsheet that shows Carl Icahn's US long portfolio holdings as of Q2 2012. To know more on how his holdings have progress, check-out our previous update:

Icahn's portfolio value increased by around 8% this quarter from $9.78B to $10.47B. There were several marginal increases and decreases to his holdings this quarter. Two major changes were both aggressive stake build-ups in two natural gas companies: CVR Energy Inc. (CVI) and Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK). Other activity in the quarter include a 20% stake reduction in Commercial Metals (CMC) and a 12% stake increase in Navistar International Corporation (NAV). CHK is trading currently at around $19, well off the lows of around $13 seen in Q2 2012. NAV is trading near the lows of around $25 seen last quarter. Icahn acquired a large stake in CVI through a tender offer at $30 per share and had plans to take it private. That plan was recently axed. It will be interesting to see what he does with the huge positions in CVI and CHK.

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