Roomba 400 & 500-Series vs Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-1, QQ-2, QQ-2 Plus, QQ-2 LT QQ-3 Comparison/Review

The CleanMate QQ-1 and QQ-2 are second-generation robotic vacuum cleaners designed and manufactured by Infinuvo, a private company based out of San Jose. From the basic website it is obvious the company is quite small and will find it challenging to compete with iRobot’s Roomba product series. Infinuvo CleanMate products are distributed by Metapo, but are also sold at and various other sites. Below is a comparison of the iRobot Roomba products with the Infinuvo CleanMate products:

ProductRoomba 410CleanMate QQ-1Roomba 530CleanMate QQ-2Roomba 532 and above
Best Price$149.99$114.99$269.98114.99$299.99 and up.
Warranty1 year1 year for parts. 6-months for battery.1 year.1 year for parts. 6-months for battery.1 year except for 610 professional which has 2 years.
Measurements13 by 4 inches14 by 3.6 inches16.75 by 21 by 5 inches14 by 3.5 inch16.75 by 21 by 5 inches
Battery Type14.4V 3.0Ah NiMH14.4V 2.5 Ah NiCd14.4V 3.3Ah NiMH14.4V NiMH 2.5 Ah14.4V 3.3Ah NiMH
Battery Charging Time7 hours2.5 hours3 hours3.5 hours3 hours
Self-Charging Home BaseNo – optional accessoryNo.YesYes.Yes.
Voice DemoNoNoYesNoYes
Dirt Detection – spends more time cleaning dirtier areasYesNoYesNoYes
Cleaning Times120 minutes60 minutes120 minutes70 minutes PLUS additional 40 minutes after recharge.120 minutes except 610 professional which has a max mode.
Spot CleaningYesNoYesNoYes
RemoteNoStandardNoStandardRoomba 570 & 580 only. Optional $59 accessory with Roomba 535 and up.
Virtual Wall – Allows blocking off-limit areas.YesNoYesNoYes
Light House – directs Roomba back to the home-base from up to 4 roomsNoNoNoNoYes except 532.
On board schedulingNoNoNoNoRoomba 550 and up
UV light based disinfectionNoYesNoYesNo
Motor Cleaning Movement DesignCounter-Rotating – but a generation behind compared to 5-series technology.5-step repetitiveCounter-Rotating5-step repetitiveCounter-Rotating
Supported Floor TypesNo published limitsNot suitable for plush and long fur carpets.No published limitsNot suitable for plush and long fur carpets.No published limits.
Odor RemovalNoneFragrance Slot.NoneFragrance slot.None.
Dirt DetectionYesNone.YesNoneYes
Stair Detection/AvoidanceYesYes.YesYesYes
Motor DetailsQuiet and SlowLess Quiet and Faster.Quiet and SlowLess Quiet and Faster.Quiet and Slow.
Auto Resume After RechargeNoNo.NoYes.No.
Under-bed Sensor – Moves out of a dark area when battery is closed to being drained.NoNo.NoYesNo

The Infinuvo product closely resembles iRobot’s Roomba 410 product and the features are very comparable though there are exceptions. Given iRobot’s large technology patent portfolio it is reasonable to categorize this as a knock-off. As mentioned in our review of iRobot, they have been successful in driving out knock-offs, specifically the KoolVac product from Koolatron. It is conceivable that iRobot will use the same strategy against Infinuvo. To Infinuvo’s credit, they have steered clear of some of the patented features of the Roomba such as the virtual wall and the lighthouse. At the same time, they have added a couple of innovative features – the UV light based disinfection and the under bed sensor. The under bed sensor prevents CleanMate QQ-2 from getting caught in inaccessible areas once the cleaning cycle is completed. This handy feature allows it to be used in rooms without the charger or home base. It will be interesting to see how these two products compete moving forward.

The Infinuvo website currently has a disclaimer stating not to use on plush or long fur carpet. They also have new variants called the Cleanmate QQ-2 Plus and Cleanmate QQ-2 LT - the former adds scheduling and sells for $169 while the latter adds an LCD panel for $10 more. The product can be scheduled for up to 7 days per week, and works for 70 minutes on a single charge. Infinuvo also has a new version called the Cleanmate QQ-3 which has two-stage cleaning, handles pet hair, works 100 minutes on a single charge, and has an optional sonic wall (similar to virtual wall). It sells for around $200.

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Last Updated: 10/2012.

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